beatledirt asked: Hey, I wanted to say thanks for defending John with fuckoffmiimi last night. No matter what I'll always be grateful to you for that. Thanks again.




You don’t have to thank me for that. I hate it when people claim John as a wife beater when all he ever did was slap or punch Cyn (which he repeatedly apologized for) and he never hurt yoko. Sure he did abuse cyn by cheating in her constantly and ignoring Julian for most of his time with Cyn, but one thing John wasn’t is a wife beater.

People seem to forget that it wasn’t just John who was unfaithful to their wives/girlfriends. Hell, as much as I’d hate to say it, but even George cheated on Olivia. And they seem like the greatest couple in the world right behind Paul an Lin. You know? Why not talk about Ringo who did abuse his wife, Mo? Because he’s adorable? That’s not a good reason to pass by the truth of his life with Mo.

If people wanna talk about a Beatle being abusive or/and an adulterer, then attack them all, that’d make me feel okay. But don’t attack John specifically just because he was blunt in his cheating with yoko. That’s not a valid reason to attack just him.

omg im so done with this horseshit we can dig whoever we want everyone fucks up but saying “all he ever did was slap or punch Cyn” sounds super problematic af honestly i dig john but thats so gross it’s not right idc if he apologized for it of course people can change but bc he recognized that one error or whatever does now mean it’s now /ok/ bc it isnt and it dismisses the hardships of other people who have undergone the same thing (idc if he slapped her once or beat her every night he harmed her and thats that)

also not to mention he verbally abused julian (and even sean) which are found in Cyn’s book and how ableist he was (do u need video proof theres honestly so many videos of him in concerts being an asshole about it thinking its funny)

And yeah if ya’ll always use the “but the other beatles fucked up too” then yo same im aLL for iT here u go cheATING IS NEVER OK IDC IF UR FUCKING JESUS CHRIST OR PAUL MCCARTNEY

Paul was a fucking asshole who swept all his affairs under a carpet and when women came up to him with his children he’d make Brian pay em off to shut up and still to this day they’re in the shadows.

George cheated with the “love of his life” (apart from Pattie with Mo I mean talk about dick move) which is shitty af i love Olivia and Pattie and they both deserved better than that ya’ll know it

Ringo was an abusive alcoholic and by god do I hope and presume that problematic shit he’s done is in the past but I still yet have to come across an interview or whatever of him apologizing for that too

Lesson learned is that aLL the beatles where problematic shit heads however you want to see it and yes of course you can still love them (i do) but dont be ignorant thats so so wrong on so many levels this idolization of people to the point of being an illeducated apologist simply bc they’re famous needs to stop there’s young children that are on this site and they see this gross mentality of “theyre the beatles so its ok/less wrong” and they take up on that behaviour and it’s doing nothing good to society please open your eyes please realize you are an influence please be a good role model please teach others that apologizing for others in their problematic shit is nOT okay but it’s still alright to dig them as long as they recognize the erroers in their ways please oh my god

Okay I am so sick and done with your little John bashing sessions, and so is everyone else.  I don’t care if you respond or not and I don’t care if anyone reading this responds and is angry or unfollows because I just do not care at all.  

Nobody is saying “oh it’s okay ‘cus they’re the Beatles.”  They’re seeing these people who inspire them and they’re seeing that they’re flawed human beings.  They aren’t saying “Oh it’s okay to do these things because they’re famous” they’re saying “Oh wow, these people are human and fucked up, too, and if they can better themselves, so can I.”  They see that they have similar issues.  Whether it’s dealing with childhood abuse/a rough childhood (John), anger issues (John again), infidelity (all of them), alcohol abuse (Ringo), being physically and/or verbally abusive (again, all of them), etc.  They see these things and realize that they can better themselves if they try and that they can learn from their mistakes.

I have not met a single Beatles fan who dismissed any bullshit that they have done.  The only people that I have ever seen do are the people who don’t know anything at all about them.  Those ones who go “Oh John Lennon is that peace guy he has no flaws.”  Everyone knows they’ve done fucked up things, so you’re literally just yelling “John Lennon is an asshole!” at a bunch of people who know this shit and understand that it was not okay at all and do not excuse it.

And people always use the “but the other Beatles fucked up too” line because everyone wants to shit on John for his fuck ups.  I’m not going to list them all because everyone knows it all, but here’s a nice little example.  Ringo used to get drunk, violently drunk, and beat his wife.  He literally almost killed Barbara.  “I trashed Barbara so bad I thought she was dead. They just found her covered in blood and I’d beaten her up and I’d no idea…”.

Ringo beats his wife half to death, but nobody says shit about it.  They say, “Oh Ringo had his issues and he got his life back on track.”  John hit Cyn a few times and people go, “Oh John Lennon was so horrible!  If you like him you’re stupid and have a lot of issues!”  (I’m aware he did other things people are angry about, and angry about for good reason, but if you paid any attention to the later part of his life, you’d know he was doing his best to better himself and was nowhere near the angry boy he was when he was younger.) 

And stop fucking twisting things around and taking them out of context.  ”all he ever did was slap or punch Cyn” sounds incredibly fucked up out of context, so you can’t fucking take nine words out of a paragraph and use it however you want to make your argument look stronger.  There is a difference between being a wife beater and being abusive on a few occasions.  Neither are okay, they’re equally fucked up, and they are both abuse, but they are different levels of abuse.  

Being a “wife beater” would imply some sort of regularity to the abuse.  Some sort of unprovoked attack for the sake of beating the shit out of a person.  John didn’t beat Cynthia, he didn’t beat her up for the sake of beating her up.  He hit her once.  Still abuse, still fucked up, and just as bad, but it wasn’t something that happened regularly.  (Keep in mind I don’t know the circumstances around the abuse, whether they were fighting or what, all I know is that it did happen.  To me it doesn’t matter why he did it, because he was wrong either way and it is not okay.)

So yes, he did “just punch or slap Cyn.”  He just did those things.  He didn’t shove her down and kick her in the stomach.  He didn’t chase her with knives or punch her until she couldn’t see because her face was so swollen.  He hit her once, and that wasn’t okay, but he did not abuse her for the sake of abusing her.  Again, I’m not excusing him in the least because I have no tolerance for abuse.  But saying he was a wife beater is absolutely over the top and not acceptable. 

So basically: shut the fuck up, everyone knows John has done shitty things and that it’s not okay, so you can stop shitting on people’s idols because you think people are apologizing for/excusing his behavior, when in fact, they are are accepting that he did bad things, and saw his struggle to better himself, and moved forward because it is incredibly fucked up to judge a person’s entire life and personality solely on their mistakes and not acknowledging their attempts to make themselves a better person.

it is so sad to see the nice people on tumblr leaving because of the bad people

some people on here think they run this damn website and when you actually get off the computer you’ll see you have another thing coming

there’s so many lovely people on here but they’re afraid to even speak up because of others. it’s sad to see them leave but that’s not a place they should be in the first place.


I had a dream where I went to Paul McCartney’s concert and I met thebeatlesordie and norwegianwoods and paulmccarts and I had so much of fun I sang and I cried and I was just SO HAPPY and then my cat had to lick my feet ;_;

If only

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